jQuery News Ticker

News Ticker is a typewriter style news ticker that will display a number if news items one character at a time

Sample Usage

        $(document).ready(function () { 

Sample Markup

Either a unordered list or a number of links can be used as the base markup for the news ticker.

    <ul id="news1"
        <li>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</li> 
        <li>Maecenas molestie, est at rutrum lacinia</li> 
        <li>Duis ac arcu pellentesque risus tincidunt</li> 
    <div id="news2"
        <a href="#1">Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet</a> 
        <a href="#2">Maecenas molestie, est at rutrum lacinia</a> 
        <a href="#3">Duis ac arcu pellentesque risus tincidunt </a> 


  • typeDelay: 100 - Time to wait between displaying each character (ms)
  • fadeOutDelay: 2000 - Time to display the news items before fading out to show the next item (ms)
  • fadeOutSpeed: 750 - Speed of the fade (ms)
  • target: '_blank' - The target used when news items with links are used
  • className: 'newsticker' - A class name appended to the news ticker container



The current version of jQuery News Ticker is 1.0

Download News Ticker